Chernomorets is situated on the southern part of the black sea coast and unified the beautiful nature with the modern tourism and the hospitality of natives.

The health resort is approximately 25 km southern of Burgas and 9 km northern of Sozopol.


In Chernomorets you can have lots of fun: there are discos, restaurants, pubs, coffees, a cinema and a lot of things more to do.
In addition to that there are sport activities like pedal boat, banana boat, water- ski, jet-ski, surfing, waterslide, skydiving, rock climbing and lots of other things.
Moreover you can make a tour on the sea, visiting the island St. Ivan, or take a trip to Sozopol, Nessebar, Bourgas and all other beautiful places of Bulgaria. The natural sights like Arkutino (protectorate for water lilies), the river Ropotamo, the see Mandrenskoto Ezero (ornithologic protectorate) of course are also always worth a visit.
For children you can find a small ferries wheel, a merry-go-round, a train, a shooting booth and lots of other attractions.


Also there are a polyclinic, pharmacy and an orthodox church.


Characteristic climate conditions:

average temperature (from May until September): 22°
strongest sunshine in June and July
The sea water is warm until October.
almost no rain during summer
atmospheric humidity: 75%

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